Investment Opportunity

This is NOT a public share offering where you can trade your shares in for cash through a registered broker on a Canadian stock exchange.

The Preference of these shares being offered are a first call on the Canadian dividends issued by a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) and are therefore eligible for Preferred tax status. All investors are urged to contact their own tax advisors. We shall be raising between $1.5 to $2million dollars.

We will publish 1500 -2000 preferred shares at $1000 each share. According to our forwards looking financial statements each share should yield annually about $570 starting in year 2 and forever after.

The share preference is that 75% of all dividends will go to the preferred shareholder until $1000 is received in after tax dividends Thereafter Preferred Shareholders will receive 50% of the published dividends.

We are limited to 50 shareholders.

All shareholders will have the right of first refusal on subsequent investment opportunities.

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Dan Varvos