QG LED Grow lights

QLED lighting is amazing. (See: testimonials) Qled’s produce a broad spectrum (there is a secret here) of light which can be changed to match the plants requirement as it proceeds to maturity. Secondly, QLED’s consume far less power than even other LED lighting let alone HPS (High Pressure Sodium).

Finally, and most important to the plant there is such low heat emitted that the plants curl around the light without any burning. This makes the room easier to control.

The strength of the light is not as important as the plants ability to absorb the spectrum it needs.

While QLED’s are patented, we do not have exclusive rights over the intellectual property but what we do have is access to the lights, variations, improvement and all the attendant benefits brought by Mark Sutherland to the table.

A Rule:

The more absorbable light, the more the plant grows, the more it requires stronger nutrients and more water and the bigger and better the flower. Think of light as an energy food.

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Dan Varvos