Hortican Grow Team

Mark Sutherland

Master Consultant

Mark Sutherland proprietor of Quick Grow and inventor of the QLED lights we intent to use.


Mark has 27 years in the indoor growing and hydroponic business. Mark was also the inventor of the T5 lights marketed through Sun Blaster worldwide.


If there is a development in the worlds that relates to indoor growing Mark is the expert.

Dan is handling the business side of the operation and will also be the Quality Assurance Person as required by Health Canada. Dan has previously secured ISO9000 status for a manufacturing firm when all was paperwork. With the digital transformation installing a QA (Quality Assurance) program is much easier.

Dan has worked in and R&D grow lab (Various crops), operated an advance Argus control system and has full knowledge of all requirement of Health Canada permitting operational requirements.


A such Dan oversees all regulatory submissions and compliance requirements.

Dan’s aim is to make a repeatable template for other such operation for small highly qualifies growers. Dan will also manage the finances of the operation and see to the distribution of dividends.

Operations Manager

Dan Varvos MBA


Jamin Pinchbeck

Master Grower

Jamin continues to amaze. Consulting with several of Quick Grow client ACMPR grow operations Jamin continues through coaching to produce extremely high-quality cannabis. His observation of the nuances of the plants’ growth combined with a great intuition gives him the ability to coax the most out of the plant.

The trust he has been able to garner with Quick Grow customers speaks well of his personality as well as his thorough knowledge of the business of growing supremely great cannabis.

Jamin is a second-generation grower. Born in British Columbia Jamin graduated high school in Armstrong.

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Dan Varvos